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The Great Darke County Fair Gazebo


The Great Darke County Fair and Fairgrounds have been a treasured part of the community since it was established in 1853.


Today the Darke County Fairgrounds plays host to a growing list of community events including The Great Darke County Fair as well as events, exhibitions, festivals and much more.

If you have questions about Fairgrounds Camping, Storage or Facility Rental,  please contact our office for more information.


The Fair Board meets every month on the first Wednesday in the board room in the office under the grandstand. Meetings are open to the public.

Greg Pearson President

Heidi May Vice President

Marla Werner Treasurer

Laura Ahrens Fair Manager


Craig Bowman, Christoph Keller, Dean Neff, Apollo Perez, Dave Singer, Russ Skaggs, Curtis Yount, James Zumbrink


Come Camp with Us!

2024 Camping Schedule: Monday, April 1, 2024 to Thursday, October 31, 2024

Our Camp Grounds
The Fairgrounds is a 185-acre facility that is largely wooded, with restroom and shower facilities available. Approximately 600 RV / Camper Hook-ups available; 200 sites with water, electric (20, 30, or 50 amp) and sewer services. The remaining sites offer water and electric only. There are two dump stations on grounds. The facility has a self registration system in place. Reservations are not required or accepted but we ask that groups of 10 or larger call 937-548-5044 prior to arrival to ensure we do not have an event taking place on the complex that would not allow camping. Non-Fair camping is on a first come-first serve basis. No reservations are accepted.

Non-Fair campers are permitted to have camp fires providing they are in a fire ring, off the ground and contained.



  1. Drought weather conditions may alter this option.

  2. Organizations with Board approved contracts to rent the facility (Farm Power, Annie Oakley, etc.) will determine if camp fires are approved for their specific event(s).

2024 Non-Fair Camping Rates

  • $35.00 per night. This includes 30 amp service and water.

  • Additional Services

    • 50 Amp Service: $5.00 per night

    • Sewer Hook-Up: $5.00 per night

    • Dump Stations: $15.00 per dump

Group Rates

  • *Special Rates & use of Buildings are offered for RV & Camping Clubs of 50 or more.

    • For more information, contact the Fair Office at 937.548.5044

  • **Some restrictions may apply based on Fairgrounds Scheduled Activities and Festivals.

    • No Camping is available during the month of August due to the Annual Fair.


Winter Storage

2024 Storage

Storage is on a first come- first serve basis. First ones in will be last ones out. No reservations are accepted, and no storage spots will be held. A contract must be signed, and payment is due in full prior to storing the item. A copy of insurance on the item to be stored must also be provided at the start of storage or a waiver of indemnification must be completed by the owner/person storing the item. None of our storage areas have heat.

2024-2025 Storage Rates


  • FOR 2024-2025: Stored items MUST HAVE batteries disconnected

  • $1.50 Per Square Foot- (overall length by overall width)

    • EXAMPLE: Length 27′ times width 8′ = 216 square feet X $1.50 = $324.00 X 7.25% sales tax = $23.49 for a grand total of $347.49.

    • NOTE: This price reflects the total cost for the entire storage period.

  • 7.25% local sales tax applies/no exceptions or exemptions

  • $5.00 per day left past removal date

2024-2025 Storage Location Options & Details

  • Beef & Dairy Pavilion ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stops as early as 03.09.24 but no later than 03.18.24

    • Entry 14′ wide by 14′ high

  • Cattle Show Arena ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stops as early as 03.23.24 but no later than 04.08.24.

    • Entry 20’wide by 13’10” high

  • Beef Barn ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.15.22- Storage Stops as early as 03.23.24 but no later than 04.15.23

    • Entry 20′ wide by 11’6″ high (south end)

  • Coliseum Basement ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stops as early as 03.23.24 but no later than 04.20.24

    • Entry 9’9″ wide by 9′ high

    • ***No items over 24 feet in TOTAL overall length***

  • Coliseum Top


    • Entry 13’8″ wide by 11’11” high

  • Swine Barn ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stops as early as 03.23.24 but no later than 04.13.24

    • Entry 19’6″ wide by 14′ high (east end only)

  • Fine Arts ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stops as early as 04.01.24 but no later than 04.20.24

    • Entry 12’wide by 11′ high

  • Goat Barn ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stops 04.20.24

    • Openings vary from 8’9″ to 9’9″ high and 13′ to 15′ wide

  • Sheep Barn ($1.50):

    • Storage Start 10.21.23- Storage Stop 04.20.24

    • Openings vary from 8’9″ to 9’9″ high and 13′ to 15′ wide

2024-2025 Storage Hours

  • October 19, 2024, to November 23, 2024:

    • Monday-Friday: 8am-4:30pm and Saturday: 8am- Noon

    • November 11 (Veteran’s Day) OFFICE CLOSED

  • November 24, 2024, to March 15, 2025:
    • Monday-Friday: 8am-4:30pm
  • March 116, 2025, to April 19, 2025:

    • Monday-Friday: 8am-4:30pm and Saturday: 8am- Noon


Bring Your Event to The Darke County Fairgrounds!

We host a wide variety of Events, Exhibitions, Festivals and More...

The Darke County Agricultural Society is home to nearly 200 acres. We are able to offer outstanding grounds and buildings for your next event or gathering.


To learn more, please call the fair office at 937-548-5044. 


In the long, tried and found true history of Darke County there never has been nor likely ever will be an entity that has drawn the abiding attention of so many untolled thousands people, residents and non-residents alike, as that August augmentation, Fair Week.

It all began in 1853 when Franklin Pierce served as the 14th president of the United States of America and has lived, breathed and prospered through the terms of no less than 28 heads of the state.

The history of the Great Darke County Fair, very soon to see its 142nd merry-go-round, is much too deep, far too wide ranging to be totally covered in these humble lines. Yet by the same token, by selecting certain segments, one can visualize what could be called a great event.

And, by the same token, when the fair hits its sesquicentennial 150th year in 2006, surely there will be more true stories, more progress, more excitement, and more of the ongoing anticipation of Fair Week that has long since become part and parcel of local life.

Other counties in the area were doing it and many others were planning and it was in the latter planing category that Darke County spawned its first agricultural exposition in the late summer of 1852 when better than a score of people gather in the second edition courthouse in Greenville to say in no uncertain terms, “We want a fair of our own.’’

Dr. I.N. Gard was named chief executive officer and ably lead such men as George Coover, Alfred Kitchen and Noah Arnold to realize that dream. And so it came to pass that on a Wednesday and Thursday, September 7 and 8 of 1853, Darke indeed had a fair of its own.

Greenville, as the county seat, was selected for geographic reasons and thus the initial fair was held on the former Annie Oakley Festival grounds immediately east of Garst museum.

The Darke County Agricultural Society expanded to over 300 members and the fair itself prospered. For the first five years it remained on the present day museum grounds, then moved in 1858 to today’s Oakwood and Oak Street area in southwest Greenville adjacent to the Brethren Home where one can still see a partial outline of the harness racing track in the street curvature.

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